The Kensi Hotel

The Kensington Hotel, better known as The Kensi, is a popular bar and restaurant in Adelaide, Australia. It is a place where fans are often found during sporting events and brunches for sunday sessions.

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The main objective was to update the visual aspect of the website to align with other new WordPress sites that the agency, Boylen+, created for a group related to bars and restaurants with the purpose of integrating a design standard in the creativity and user experience of this industry.

The most important aspects for The Kensi were the promotion of its main services and products such as the dining, events, functions and cellars, articulated to the image of proximity projected by the hotel.


Once the scope and objectives of the site have been determined, a structure is established in which only a maximum of 1 click is needed to find all the information that the target audience needs. For example, about the reservation system, dishes and drinks of the day, opening and closing times, and how to get there.

Based on the promotion of services, photographs are highlighted over written information of group celebrations, sporting events, and other cultural events. In the promotion of products, images were placed on the specialty of the dishes, the quality of the food and drinks, the prices, and other aspects such as the attention of the staff.

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